The Recruitment Process: Part 2 – Taking on board feedback

24th November 2020

So here we are at Part 2 – exploring the recruitment process from the eyes of a small business.  In Part 1, I talked about how Telescopic usually deals with the application and interview stages when taking on a new team member.  We thought we had a well-oiled process but nothing could have prepared us […]

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The Recruitment Process: Part 1 – What we can learn from applications and interviews

17th November 2020

Telescopic have just recently hired someone. The recruitment process, especially in small businesses, is never an easy one. Nevermind during a global pandemic! To illustrate the effort it takes for a small company to do this, first, before we even consider posting the job, we need to evaluate the cost of the hire and weigh […]

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Straight Talking Tech: what is a CMS?

22nd October 2020

Let’s get this straight first – “CMS”, in the web world, stands for Content Management System. Another fancy acronym. But what does that even mean?  In its essence, a CMS gives you access to dynamic data stored in a database and/or file system. That could be a website, it could be an app or maybe […]

Straight Talking Tech

How to love your dev!

21st August 2020

Occasionally (recently quite often), we’ll have a new business call with a client where the relationship with the incumbent developer has gone sour. Sometimes this is lack of progress on a project, sometimes it’s a yawning gap between expectation and delivery and, on a couple of occasions, even a developer gone AWOL. We started to […]

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Agency communication

14th August 2020

We thought we’d start the series with an insight into some of the trials and tribulations of Telescopic.  There’s ups and downs in every business journey. Our recent(ish) ‘down’ was client communication. And, no, it’s not even Covid related! It started to suffer at the beginning of this year. I think we got complacent, thinking […]

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