International League of Dermatological Societies

Founded in 1935, the ILDS is an organisation working to improve skin health globally – providing international leadership and support to the dermatological community. The ILDS has over 170 member societies from more than 80 countries and represents over 150,000 dermatologists.


In 2016 the ILDS entered a new phase of its 80 year history with the employment of three staff members to provide an advanced secretariat function to the Board of Directors and members. A branding update was also undertaken.


Telescopic was tasked with the complete work to rationalise the organisation's IT infrastructure, plan, design and build a new website and CRM to manage and keep detailed records of complex processes such as board member election, grant applications and award nominations by member societies. A mobile app for an ILDS funded project, the Community Dermatology Journal, was also required. The new digital presence needed to be established well ahead in the lead up to the World Congress of Dermatology which is being held in Milan in June 2019.



Based on the new branding, we developed additional assets for digital along with a new look and feel for the website. The website templates we created are modular, allowing for a high degree of flexibility in terms of arranging the content. The website is also set up for e-commerce functionality, allowing the ILDS to take payments in the form of donations (one-off and recurring) to their projects.

Using the CiviCRM as a basis, we created many of ILDS' processes as bespoke functionality, including a multi-tier application process to become a member society and a searchable database of existing membership societies, board and committee members. Members can access a dashboard to manage their information, submit expense claims, articles and upcoming events.

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