Screen Yorkshire

Telescopic work with some of the major players in the British film industry; Our on-going working relationship with Film London (whose website we created in 201x) goes back several years. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with and creating a brand new website for the British Film Commission in 2016, and most recently in 2018, forĀ Screen Yorkshire.


The brief from Screen Yorkshire outlined the need for a bright, clean, visually driven website, with a contemporary feel to it, to act as a new home to a wide slate of activities scheduled to launch in 2018 and beyond. It needed to encourage engagement in Screen Yorkshire's key audiences consisting of the media industry, funding and government bodies and help generate further business.



Working closely with Screen Yorkshire, we designed and built a modular website which provides them with great flexibility for presenting their highly visual content, down to specifying individuals to contact for particular initiatives, showcasing their diverse locations and projects, adding partner logos and displaying quotes from key industry people. While the site leads with Screen Yorkshire's beautiful images, it was important to strike a balance so as not to overpower or obstruct key messages and information.

We also helped streamline the multi-stage application process for their funding initiative, The Yorkshire Content Fund.
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