Marine Society and Sea Cadets

We were commissioned by a web design partner to provide the technical build for the new Sea Cadets online portal, which, in its first instance, would help volunteers manage their activities with cadets.



The new system needed to provide a fast and reliable way for volunteers to access information about the range of activities offered by the Sea Cadets, integrating government secure systems to ensure the safeguarding of young people. The system would form the first step towards a universal Sea Cadets management hub, providing a single point of management for all aspects of a volunteer’s and cadet’s day-to-day administrative tasks.

Sea Cadets Month's Top Acivities


We worked closely with the web design partner on the UX design and information architecture for the website's front-end, ensuring a fluid and efficient user journey through the system’s different functions. The build itself was a browser-based web-app (built in Angular) with a responsive interface, built on a fully bespoke Django Rest API. The web app was structured in a future-proof way to allow future , cost effective, conversion to a hybrid mobile app.

The system passed penetration testing and was launched well within the project deadline. It has proven to be robust and stable in real-world use and is currently being actively used by thousands of volunteers to manage their activities.

Sea cadets programmes online portal
Sea cadets kingswood camp rafting activity
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