Street Feast

A striking website conveying the atmosphere of Street Feast’s amazing street food arenas and providing a platform for their new media channel.


To translate the unique atmosphere of Street Feast's food markets into a mobile-first website which not only provides information for visitors to the markets but also allows Street Feast to engage their audience with competitions, social media and video, all via a flexible CMS built to grow alongside the brand.



Built from the ground up for mobile-first, the site encourages visitors to explore Street Feast through the brand's strong imagery and video content. The modular build allows Street Feast to create bespoke landing and competition pages for individual campaigns while administration functions such as event booking and trader sign-up have been migrated online.

Streetfeast homepage
done('Subtle css animations and transitions');
if(scrolling effects)
//responsive image strategy
//dynamic transitions
//newsletter sign up integration
//venue booking via third party API }

/* FAST LOADING ON slow networks*/
//ajax loading and swipe gestures
//optimised for touch screens
function display() {
dynamic automated opening times
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