University College London

We have a long standing relationship with University College London, providing digital services principally to their medical research departments and teaching hospitals. In this case the UCL Machine Learning department required a digital team to deliver a data-mining and search interface for a Pharmokinetic (PK) and Pharmodynamic (PD) information resource. The resource itself consists of a large database of medical research papers. 



We were approached by the project team to provide an application which would allow users to quickly and easily surface relevant information from this database using a range of filters and search logic. The interface accesses the database (stored on the Azure platform), caches the information locally - to ensure speed and predictability - and provides a variety of categories and tags the user can search by.

An intelligent search function ensures a strong user experience, with guided searches (search suggestions are presented and narrowed down as the user adds additional letters to their query). We have also implemented ElasticSearch to ensure that the speed of results displaying is optimised and that latency between new data being added to the database and that data becoming searchable is kept to a minimum.

PKPDAI app search
PKPDAI app ElasticSearch result with filtering


The application launched in Spring 2020 and provides a free resource for academics and pharmaceutical researchers which will dramatically reduce the time required for initial research stages (finding and digesting existing literature). As well as linking directly to the medical publications, the application allows users to download data as a CSV file for analysis using third party tools. We also provided a simple API, exposing elements of the database for digestion by third party apps to encourage the medical community to leverage the data in their own tools.

PKPDAI app homepage mobile chrome browser
PKPDAI app mobile search

Telescopic are awesome to work with, I get to speak to the people that actually carry out my requests rather than just an account handler. They are different in terms of how well they hit the brief and provide excellent value by reducing stress and accommodating requests in a timely and efficient manner.

Vincent Harding

Digital Design Manager