Telescopic’s Tech Predictions for 2021


21st December 2020

There’s been a call for businesses, no matter how small or local, to get online in some capacity for the last few years now.

Well, 2020 didn’t really leave many of them with a choice. 

This year, tech dominated the headlines (as well as something called Covid-19). Communication, medical research, fast-food delivery, virtual classrooms – technology certainly played its part in making 2020 bearable for most people.

But where do we go from here? Here are some of our predictions for the tech world in 2021.

Increasing demand for workflow automation

With working from home here to stay for the foreseeable future and seemingly beyond, workflow automation and digitalisation will now be high on companies’ agendas.

This will no doubt be a welcome development to most people, especially business owners – I mean, who doesn’t want their workflow to be more efficient? But at what cost? 

The acceleration in implementing automation during 2020 has had a huge impact on workers in certain industries. What will become of the hospitality and retail industry in 2021? How will they adapt? Only time will tell.

Health tech will continue to dominate

It’s been a big year for health tech and there will be no let-up in 2021.

From the UK’s controversial Track & Trace app to the incredible logistics of delivering a vaccine to the world’s population, we have seen some unbelievable progress in a very short space of time.

The pandemic also saw the acceleration of non-digital practices to quickly adopt virtual healthcare, shifting appointments to video calls instead of in person.

And with continued investment, both public and private, it’s quite exciting to imagine what may be possible in 2021.

Communication will be king

Communication will be key in an ongoing remote world. Let’s be honest, hands up if you had heard of Zoom before March 2020?

We still think there is some room for improvement though…

Joking aside for a moment though. Our big goal as a company for 2021 is to be as clear, responsive and reliable as possible.

And that’s not just with our clients and partners, we’re talking internally too. Working remotely, we noticed that most of the communication within the team was work-related and we wanted to fix that.

We have recently started “Fika” in the afternoons – a moment when anyone can jump on a Zoom link for coffee and (non-work related) chats.

The must-have gadgets

Meanwhile, Jack, our Director & Solutions Architect, thinks dual-screen laptops are going to start popping up more & more. They won’t just be the latest must-have gadget – they could be pretty cool for coding when on the go or for remote working.

Looking beyond our bubble

We were also interested to find out what 2021 looked like for some of our clients.

Dee, from social media management agency, Hue + Satch, said, “I see SME’s and social enterprises needing to embrace digital and social media like never before. For us, this has been a great opportunity to be a solution to businesses growing social and digital media needs. We have already seen the need to nurture new service offers for our clients and we will continue to build teams that can accommodate.”

We also spoke to James Craig, Head of Commercial at British Fencing. Telescopic helped British Fencing help develop their mobile app and we were interested to hear how 2021 might look for their industry.

“I hope for restrictions to lift in a measured and considered way from government and that when they do, existing and new fencers can see that we are ready to welcome them back. During the pandemic period, we have developed many resources, programmes and products. I also hope that 2021 sees us do more overseas with exporting our training and education programmes and products.”

And how might the world of tech impact them?

“I think technology will continue to take leaps forward to accommodate any step back in the fast-paced commuter world we lived in pre-covid. Face to face is needed, I need it, but perhaps a more blended and considerate way of living may be on the horizon.”

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