What kind of agency can take your business to the next level?


17th August 2021

There is a big world of business out there filled with almost everything you can imagine. It is difficult for a single company to master every stage or process required to succeed in it. That’s why so many agencies spring up aiming to offer services and expertise that help businesses with what they can’t handle in house.

But with all these options available, there can be significant confusion about what each agency actually does. 

Confused Star Wars GIFAnd in today’s complex digital world, companies often have to outsource to more than one agency to cover everything they need. 

Clients could almost do with a sort of meta agency. 

An agency to help them navigate amongst all the different types, explaining what each does and whether they cover all their needs.

A good starting point to get a handle on all this is learning the main agency types out there.

Types of Agency

Marketing Agency

They work with clients to define their marketing strategies. They develop, implement, manage, and evaluate marketing campaigns to help businesses meet their goals.

Marketing is a large industry that is constantly evolving. “Marketing agency” is a generic term that encompasses a range of different specialities. One of the most significant distinctions in the modern world is between digital marketing agencies and more traditional agencies. Traditional agencies focus on old school approaches such as PR, brand management, and broadcast and print campaigns. In contrast, digital marketing agencies provide specialised services that target consumers online via social media, video, email, and many other strategies, including SEO. These days you can get as specialised as you like, with things like Influencer marketing, TikTok content producers etc.

SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agencies are a type of digital marketing agency that focuses on getting your company higher up search engine rankings. They are experts in examining your online presence and content, then applying the latest tricks and tools to get your company higher up the results page and in front of more potential customers. SEO agencies are perfect for companies that want to generate more organic leads.

Development/Software Agency

Development or software agencies produce and maintain applications, websites, and other forms of software for businesses. They are often the final agency required when you already have a firm business plan in place or know precisely what you want. If your brand or marketing strategy is ready to go, the last step is getting the coding gatekeepers to execute your vision.

Again, there are plenty of specialist software agencies; it could be iOS apps, specific libraries, or frameworks like React apps or WordPress sites.

They are usually not the first port of call if you don’t have a fixed plan in place already.

Design or Branding Agency

Design agencies focus on your company’s visuals, designing the logos, websites, and other content for your company. They define the appearance and feel of your company.

Clients often mistake design agencies for digital product design and look to them to produce entire systems, apps or websites. However beware: graphic design is a very different skill set from the nuts and bolts of digital design, product design or even coding a website.

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Digital Transformation Agency

With technology permeating every part of business, more are turning to specialist niche digital transformation agencies to help them overhaul or update their processes. Digital transformation is adopting technology into every business area to change how it operates fundamentally (Link to previous blog). Examples include automation that increases productivity, powerful data analysis tools or new technology integrations to improve customer experience.

Full-Service Agency

The all singing all dancing full-service agency aims to offer everything your company could require. Whether it is creative, digital, marketing, or something else, it’s all under one roof with a full-service agency. They are typically large in scale and made up of different departments that work together to meet your requirements. Often agencies start out trying to be full service and cover everything before quickly realising the scale of the task and pivoting to a speciality.

With a full-service agency, you get to simplify your company’s partnerships as everything you outsource goes to a single agency. However, the scale of these agencies can often mean your company is just a tiny fish in their fully serviceable pond. Plus, depending on your requirements, it can be beneficial to hire specialists for the area you need help with, rather than use a jack of all trades agency that might not have truly mastered one.

These are just six of the key agency types, but there is much more out there to help your business.

How to Choose?

The first step in finding the right agency to work with is holding a mirror up to your company and having a clear idea of what you need.

What service can take your business to the next level? And does it require multiple specialists to complete?

Can a marketing agency help you with your company branding? Then, do you need a software agency to take this branding and build the accompanying tech to get your company up and running?

Or do you need someone to analyse your needs for you?

Maybe you know the obstacle in your way but aren’t 100% clear on how to overcome it.

The nature of the industry is that lines between different agencies can blur. Companies will likely have to collaborate with a group of agencies or work with multiple departments within a full-service agency to get everything they need.

Also, in reality, agencies often work together (sometimes without the client being aware) to complete a client’s project. For example, a design agency might have a list of preferred software agencies to collaborate with on a new website. Agencies tend to have a network of specialist partners they work with to create successful products.

If you already have a great agency partner in one area, it might be worth asking them for recommendations, as they might have a valuable network of specialists in place.

When you are deciding on which agency to work with, some of the crucial factors to consider are:

  • Chemistry – Is this an agency you want to spend significant time working with?
  • Portfolio – The best indicator for future work is what they have done in the past. Cross check for similarities with your needs in regards to sector, budget, project type or results. 
  • Reputation – This could be a word of mouth recommendation or a mix of online reviews and testimonials from previous clients.
  • Expertise – What do they specialise in? Does this match your requirements?
  • Size – Are they so large your project won’t get the attention you are looking for? Or are they too small to achieve your goals?
  • Culture – Evaluate their agency culture to ensure they are a good fit for your team and goals.
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At Telescopic, we can help you find the right agency partners to get your business going and overcome whatever might be holding you back. We are a digital transformation agency specialising in digital workflows, integrations and the automation of business processes. But we also team up with creative teams from brand consultants to trusted design partners to build the best possible team for our clients.

Get in touch today and let us help you get to grips with what your company requires. We can help you with your needs or point you in the direction of another great agency that can.

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