Digital transformation for nonprofits

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Straight talk on nonprofit digital transformation

Join us to discuss “Digital Transformation for Nonprofits” tech troubles and triumphs. Learn nonprofit digital strategy from a B Corp experienced in guiding organisations like yours through technological changes. We offer practical advice and share stories from the real world.

Join us on Wednesday the 6th of December 2023 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

See what James Craig, Commercial Director of British Fencing, has to say about our work:

"At British Fencing, we are blessed to have multiple suppliers that help bring to life our vision and mission as an organisation. There are some suppliers, however, with which we connect more deeply.

We found this to be the case with Rita and her team at Telescopic, especially at a time when we went to find a supplier because we needed help the most. They have shown an incredible ability to provide honest feedback in a respectful way, and to provide a level of service that has kept our work on track. Moreover, they have helped to drive the overall excellence of what we are trying to achieve at BF.

I cannot recommend a discovery call with her team enough so that others can see the attentive, frank, and purposeful insights that could help them to develop their own digital and tech plans. I look forward to introducing Telescopic more widely into the sport eco-system in this country and showcasing the work that we do together more widely."

James Craig, Commercial Director of British Fencing

Reduce your tech struggles: boost your nonprofit impact.

Do more of what inspires you with less time spent on admin and better insights into your data. Our tech expertise in digital transformation for nonprofits helps refine your internal processes and digital tools. Making everyday tasks simpler and ensuring your decisions are well-informed.

We examine your team’s workflow, stakeholder needs and process pain points causing grey hairs. Then we create and execute a tailored nonprofit digital strategy. Your important work keeps moving forward, without pause.

Your nonprofit digital transformation agency

Need more website sign-ups? We’ve got you.
Want a user-friendly pathway to your services? Done.
Seeking optimised data collection? Check.
Need a professional dashboard for your board? Consider it made.
Want an easy booking system? You’re covered.

We’re on it, so your mission doesn’t miss a beat.

Embracing tech without fear

Times are changing and even charities need to keep up. Donor happiness is vital (if only there was a ‘forever donate’ button), but you also need to be there in a solid, reliable way for the people you serve. Both face-to-face and online, building trust and enabling your important work.

Modernising is daunting, though. Especially with all the noise around artificial intelligence (AI). But finding what’s right for your nonprofit isn’t just about following trends. It’s about understanding what automation and new technologies genuinely mean for you. Carefully selecting tools that add tangible value to your mission.

Then there’s the challenge of funding digital transformation for nonprofits – including the cost of maintaining your new tech. You’ve also got to nudge your team into new habits and assure them it’s not just change for change’s sake.

It’s a journey. Recognising hurdles allows for better planning and identifies areas where you might need a hand. That way, your meaningful work can continue, even while the ways we connect and share keep evolving.

How Telescopic helps you transform


We get to know your nonprofit and the people behind it. We listen to your concerns, challenges, goals and needs. This insight helps us research and plan the technology and tools that will help you progress, mindful of your budget, capabilities and timeline.


We research and present options, from ready-made to tailor-made. Based on the way you work and what your organisation needs, we might suggest:

A simple system to keep track of client interactions, draw useful insights, and show them in a clear, visual way to your stakeholders.
An app for clients to easily use your services, like signing up for events or picking up a new skill with a fun game.
A user-friendly website that’s reliable and easy to use, which helps improve your image and, in turn, bonds with clients and backers.
We’ll tweak the tech and plan based on your thoughts until your nonprofit’s digital strategy feels just right.


We implement, integrate and automate your new tech. Standing by your team and adapting to any new requirements as part of your nonprofit’s digital transformation journey. Securing a smooth transition to new tech and processes is our priority.


We stick around, not just for the tech hurdles but as your ongoing strategic consultants. Always focused on your future, we’ll help you get more donations, reach more people and keep your mission moving forward.