About us

Making better tech more accessible

We are a diverse team of technology experts

We’ve become known for our ability to make better technology accessible, driving effortless modernisation. Clients who have struggled with digitisation in the past rely on us to simplify things without compromising on excellence. And they value their investment on a personal level because of everything we stand for.

  • Making tech more accessible.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  • Supporting human rights.
  • Protecting the environment.

We’re committed to driving real change. As a result of our ongoing efforts, Telescopic has achieved B-Corp status. This is just the beginning. Every day we’re taking steps to strengthen our impact, as individuals and as a business.

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Our mission

Telescopic exists to make tech an open and better place for all, to get rid of jargon and help businesses digitise and optimise processes.

We stand for equal opportunities and inclusivity in everything we do. We strive to grow the business with honesty, humour and sustainability in mind.

Our values

Striving for better outcomes

Businesses shouldn’t have to compromise to get better technology so they can tap into new value and scale successfully. It’s why we focus on personalisation, hand-picking technology that addresses a client’s specific requirements, rather than providing thoughtless half-fixes or software you don’t need. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for emerging technologies loaded with exciting benefits, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the game.

Challenging ourselves

We’re constantly looking for ways to challenge ourselves. We love working on complex problems that test our skills – the tougher the challenge, the more we thrive. This gives us resilience – we never get bogged down by frustrating problems. It also ensures we never stop improving, helping us deliver better outcomes for our clients.


Delivering clarity

We don’t overcomplicate communication with jargon and unnecessary tech speak. Rather, we use straightforward language to get our message across and deliver clarity on what we’re doing and why. It helps us build trust, remove any friction and create fully-informed clients who can confidently use the technology driving their success.


Understanding problems

We put in the time to truly listen to our clients, understanding their frustrations, challenges and obstacles. It creates a better way to work where everything we do has a strong purpose. Better outcomes are ensured, as our work is shaped around our client’s problems which have been interrogated to the last detail.

Illustration showing a man standing on his hands on a ball forming a question mark

Being conscientious

We’re a responsible digital transformation business. From choosing green suppliers for services like web hosting to recycling old devices, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment. We’re also big on accessibility – everyone has the right to benefit from better tech. It’s why our software, websites and apps are designed to be used by anyone no matter their physical limitations.


How we deliver digital excellence

Flat structure

Benefit from a highly motivated and passionate team. Everyone has the freedom and authority to work on their terms, poised to perform at their best. Plus, seamless internal communication is enabled, making collaboration and problem-solving fast and efficient.

Proactive communication

Developers have earned a reputation for being … less than communicative. That’s not us. We enjoy learning about you and your business – it helps us personalise our recommendations and add more value. And we’re always ‘on it’, here to answer your questions, be clear and reduce stress wherever possible.

Highly collaborative

Too often, companies invest in new tech without truly understanding why they need it. Then they’re stuck with digital products and services that aren’t the right fit, leaving them with more problems than they started with. We strive to get key stakeholders involved in the planning stage of a project – it ensures the technology serves you to the best of its ability.

Long-term relationships

We collaborate for a long-term purpose, becoming your go-to tech partner. Because the best results come from great relationships. We gain the time to learn what matters to you on a profound level – your opportunities, risks and challenges. It helps us further personalise our support, improve our value and become an ally you continuously rely on.

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"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, so much. Rita and your team you work magic, so much back and forth. Your ability to just keep going and really be on it, really communicate, really be honest."

James Craig, Commercial Manager, British Fencing