Committed to giving back

Doing our bit

As human beings on this planet, we have a duty to live consciously – to do whatever is in our power to protect vulnerable people, communities and the environment. For example this page alone is cleaner than 84% of web pages tested!

This fundamental belief played a huge role in Telescopic’s inception. We didn’t just want to be a digital transformation business focused on maximising profit. We cared about benefiting the things most important to us. Almost a decade later, our desire to give back is stronger than ever.

It’s why we ask ourselves every day: how can we be better?

Certified B Corporation - This company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact

Reducing our impact on the environment

Telescopic is a certified B Corporation, and we continuously look for ways to improve our processes for the good of the planet.

We seek out eco-friendly suppliers for services like web hosting. All of our managed hosting has 100% green credentials and we’re focusing on local suppliers.

The little things count too – we’re fully remote, paperless, recycle our old devices and use environmentally-friendly technology such as refurbished tech and rechargeable batteries.


Making tech more accessible

Everything we develop – websites, applications and software – is built in a way that guarantees usability for anyone. For example, we build websites that can be navigated with keyboard tabs only. We also make sure the content is easily digestible for screen reading technology.

We’re particularly proud of our work with the The Valuable 500 – our most accessible site yet. We’re advocating for better accessibility with all our clients – it’s become our default way to develop technology products, not just an add-on.


Providing opportunities in tech

Creating better career opportunities and driving innovation through diversity is central to who we are. We’re particularly passionate about supporting women in tech.

Beyond this, we have flexible and remote working for all our employees, removing barriers so nobody is excluded because of their unique circumstances. We also partner with organisations such as MotherBoard which supports equal opportunities for parents working in tech.

Partner with a responsible digital business


"Telescopic are always on top of things, ensuring our sites are built with care in a way that’s manageable to people on our team who are less tech-savvy."

Shae Harmon, Communications Manager, Nesta