Debunk these 7 digital transformation myths and evolve your business


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Have you been bamboozled by digital transformation myths? You might’ve stumbled upon a few that have made you think twice about investing in a digital project. So you’ve stuck to traditional ways of running your organisation.

But as time passed, you’ve realised that staying still is causing problems to stack up like a mountain of dishes in the sink. It’s becoming clear that embracing change is no longer just a luxury – it’s as necessary as finding a weapon, food and shelter in a zombie apocalypse. Or getting a dishwasher.

So let us help you out. We’re here to debunk the most limiting digital transformation myths, so you can kick those old ways to the curb and start achieving your goals with the power of technology.

Myth #1 Technology is the sole focus of digital transformation


Nope, it’s about people. Sure, you might have heard this a hundred times before. But have you stopped to wonder why the experts keep harping on this point? *Doffs hat*

You can have the fanciest tech in the world, but if your people don’t understand why it’s there or how to use it, it’s just a glorified paperweight — according to Mickinsey, 70% of digital transformations fail, most often due to resistance from employees.

That’s why you have to address the human impact of technological change. Such as reskilling your people, taking care of their worries, and helping them embrace new technology and ways of working. You’re on a mission to change minds and your culture so tech can be a helpful sidekick, not a dreaded nemesis. It also helps if the tech is actually easy to use! That’s a less esoteric goal if you’re not that much of a people person.

Myth #2 Digital transformation is a one-and-done deal


Not so. It’s like a puppy that constantly needs attention and loves to thrive, especially in today’s fast-paced tech world. Because technology never takes a break. There will always be new software, updates and tools with the potential to significantly impact how you operate – or simply distract you with their shiny lights. It’s why ongoing support from a digital partner can make or break a digital transformation project. But don’t worry, unlike a puppy, you won’t have to take your tech for walks or clean up after it! A digital agency should give your tech all the love and care (and poo bags) it needs to thrive, so you can focus on running your business.

Also, some people who like fancy words started using the phrase “digital evolution” rather than transformation, which highlights that it’s a never ending story!


Myth #3 Digital transformation is only relevant for beanbag and foosball-loving tech companies


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cafe with a cash register or a non-profit with a donor management platform. In the wise words of Hagrid, “You’re a tech company, Harry.” You can’t afford to ignore upgrading your tech. That’s if you don’t want to get left behind in the digital dust where your competitors zoom ahead. Still not convinced? Read our case study. You’ll learn how British Fencing, a non-profit organisation, is using technology and digital support to create valuable new products for its community.

Myth #4 Replacing humans with machines is central to digital transformation


If machines ever become intelligent – and most importantly creative – enough to replace humans, we’ll be too busy running from our new robot overlords to worry about digital transformation. And, yes we heard of chatGPT and OpenAI. Jokes aside, digital transformation is about using intelligent technologies to augment human capabilities, NOT replace them. Think about automating mundane tasks to free up people’s time, allowing them to concentrate on more intricate and creative work. Imagine a life before spreadsheet formulas! (If you’re still there, stop copy and pasting values and google it). The cherry on top? It makes our lives better. After all, time is our most valuable asset, and technology can help us make the most of it.

Myth #5 Digital projects are an expense


Is your gym membership an expense? Maybe upfront, and maybe if you hate the gym. But think long-term. It’s an investment in your health and well-being, and you get to flaunt your fabulous physique. Digital projects follow a similar logic. You’re poised to reap a robust return on your investment through improved operations, smoother processes, reaching new customers and driving growth. Before long, you’ll be basking in the glow of digital success.

Myth #6 Digital transformation doesn’t need company-wide buy-in


Well, you could just have your IT team leading the charge. But it’ll feel like trying to paddle a canoe with one oar. You’ll likely end up going in circles or crashing into a tree.

With everyone bought into digital transformation, suddenly you’ve got a whole team of paddlers in your canoe. Helping you reach your destination faster and with fewer bruises. “Bought into” means everyone is committed to and engaged in the digital transformation effort, from leadership down to frontline employees. Think about reports that automatically gather data from marketing, finance and the new intern who is trying to fix the coffee machine. Silos are broken, as your teams are connected by smart technology and a shared vision of what your organisation wants to achieve. You become a ninja-like organisation that can move, shake and pivot with the times.

Myth #7 Digital transformation is inherently unsafe


Here’s the thing, it’s not technology that’s the source of risk, it’s us humans. We’re the ones who create easy-to-guess passwords like ‘123567’, which is
like sending out an invitation to hackers saying, “Hey, come on in for tea and crumpets!” That’s why you need to get everyone on board with digital transformation and educate them on best practices to keep your data secure.

A digital partner can also be a cyber bodyguard, just without the suit and sunglasses. They’ll keep your systems up to date, monitor for threats and provide guidance on best practices. Giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on other important things, like learning flamenco. “¡Olé!”

“I embraced digital transformation and never looked back”

Is what you’ll proudly proclaim when you’ve catapulted your organisation into the digital age. Because, with these myths busted, you can finally let your business evolve.


Always remember, when it comes to digital transformation, think of technology as your buddy, not a bossy know-it-all. It’s not just for tech companies, either; every organisation can benefit from upping their digital game. Getting company-wide buy-in is also a hot takeaway. It helps you tap into the collective genius of your team and achieve your goals faster.

Do you still have some nagging worries about starting a digital transformation project? No biggie. Let’s jump on a call and talk about what’s bugging you.