The Ultimate Update


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No, we didn’t just change the colour. Honestly.

Since 2013 our clients have relied on us to make tech more accessible, modernising their businesses by providing personalised digital transformations that work. We’re transforming our brand, with one thing on our mind: to deliver more value to our client’s digital transformation.

We’ve been providing updates for our clients, but we needed to reflect and look at some updates of our own. We wanted to evolve our brand properly, so we collaborated with Mike Pye + Co. Together, we scoured through every detail of our rebrand potential via personal workshops and strategy sessions.

Here’s what we learned…

Identifying Ourselves

We live and breathe the values that we stand for, every day, so this has to be at the forefront of what we do. It’s what makes us… us! We want to join forces with businesses that share our values surrounding sustainability, equality and diversity in the tech industry.

After 9 years of ‘doing’ we were invited to reflect on what we’re ‘doing’ it for. As we’ve grown as a business, our commitment to our beliefs has grown stronger too. So, we interrogated our core values to find out how we can create stronger messages around them to attract more like-minded people.

It was time for some soul searching to rediscover our purpose, our “why” much more clearly:

“To connect businesses with impactful technology that serves them, putting people at the heart of digital transformation.”

Leading with our values helped us get clarity on what makes us unique; to deliver specialist tech solutions that are not profit driven, but purpose driven.

Motivated by People

OK, so we got clarity on what gets us going, but getting to know what makes our audience tick means we can give them a better experience with us. Nothing we do is ‘off the shelf’. Spending time to get to know our people and what they really need, means we can tailor-make or pick our solutions. As a result, we can foster more impactful relationships and do better things together.

We want to work with people who share our values. We think like-minded partnerships lead to great things in the future.

We’d published articles in the past, but our messaging wasn’t regular or consistent. Our goal is to establish a continued conversation with our partners and customers. We want to start important conversations, talk about the things that matter to all of us, advertise our services and position ourselves as thought leaders in digital transformation. With a content calendar of articles, infographics and videos that are all made with you in mind, each piece aligns with our key messages so you can quickly discover what we’re all about.

Levelling up our website

A crucial part of our rebrand was updating our website. And yeah, not just the colours. It needed to represent who we are today, what sets us apart from the competition and why we’re a strong digital transformation partner. Our new site is fully accessible and inclusive, and to be quite honest: less boring. It sets the tone for working with us from day one.

By concentrating on what we needed from our website, with the help of our designer, Tony Goff-Yu, we built sophisticated frameworks and new designs that better represent our business today. We found our voice to make purpose-led content that resonates with the audiences that we’ve worked hard to identify. And you can see for yourself very soon!

Who cares?

  1. OK, we’ve talked about what we’ve been doing to rebrand and why, but why should you care? We don’t get too excited about other people’s rebrands either, but here’s the difference:

For you:

  • A clearer picture of what we’re all about, so you know whether Telescopic is the right digital transformation partner for you.
  • A more satisfying user journey across our online touchpoints, with a brand that better represents who we are and how we work.
  • Regular, thought-leading content about new tech and its impact, digital transformation, asking and answering the important questions.
  • Knowing that you’re teaming up with people that actively want to make the tech world more sustainable, equal and inclusive.

For our people:

  • With our values at the forefront of what we do, our team can be proud to be a part of a business that advocates the real change that the tech industry needs.
  • Transparency. We can share more with our people, so they know more about our company and how it’s performing. We’ve got nothing to hide.
  • We can provide easier access to information around work opportunities and our training is getting better and better as we grow.
  • Our business has a stronger culture focused on health, happiness, impact and inclusivity. People should be able to have a nice life at work.

Great! So what?

So, talk to us! See what we can do for you.

We’ve come a long way, but we’re not there yet. There’s work to be done and we’re ready for it. As we await B-Corp status, our commitments to equality, diversity, human rights and the environment are soon to be certified and recognised as we strive to make a positive impact on the future.

We want to cement our status as a valuable source of knowledge and support, by consistently connecting with people through purpose and value-led content. We’re expanding our team, inviting talented people who share our values to join us to work flexibly and with autonomy.

We want to keep growing. We’re hungry for more, to prove it’s possible to be successful, include everyone on the journey and have some fun at the same time! We want to learn new skills, take on bigger challenges and push ourselves and our people as far as we can. We want to provide modernisation and digital transformations that improve our client’s lives while working to improve the world around us too.

We want to be better, do good, understand and be understood.