Making a difference: Reasons why you should collaborate with a B Corp company


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We now have a fully certified B Corp status at Telescopic. We’re proud of that, because it proves that we’re serious about our mission to be a more diverse, equal and sustainable business. While we’re still completely focussed on solving complex technical problems with user friendly tech answers, B Corp proves we’re doing some good along the way.

“Yeah, well done, that’s great. Why should I care?”

Good point. We’ve had a think about that and come up with some pretty good reasons why you should. Here goes…

Working with shared values

If you want to make the world a better place by using your business as a force for good; then we’ll get along just fine. We want to do our bit to make business benefit the many, not the few and we want to collaborate with people who think the same. We’re always looking for ways we can have a positive impact, environmentally and socially and we want to grow our network with like-minded people. B Corp businesses fight structural, social and economic inequality. Joining forces with a business with shared values gets us where we want to be, faster.

Do your bit for the environment

You might wonder how a tech company can make an impact on the environment. Believe us, there’s plenty we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and operate more sustainably every day. We use eco-friendly suppliers like Nimbus Hosting for web hosting, we’re paperless, we recycle old tech, use rechargeable batteries and refurbished equipment too. Anything we can do to make a difference, we do it – and becoming a B-Corp company is proof. In a world of greenwashers, we put our sustainability where our mouth is

Meet nice people doing good things

Yes, we’re a business that needs to make money just like everybody else but working towards a better future is a pretty fulfilling feeling. Our people believe in the B Corp mission. That’s why they’re part of the Telescopic team, it’s no coincidence! We’ve fostered a culture of socially conscious people, believing that there’s a better way to do things. We give our people flexibility and autonomy to work on their terms, so nobody is excluded because of personal circumstances. We’re also a founding signatory of Motherboard, supporting mothers working in tech. It all makes for a happier place to work and we want to share that with the people we ally with.

Have your money make a difference

Working with a B Corp business is a contribution towards a positive impact on the world. Ok, you’re spending your money to get solutions to your problems first and foremost, but there’s some good stuff happening for the world along the way for everyone- which is always a bonus isn’t it? When you work with us, you’re contributing to the great causes we support and volunteer for. Like Digital Candle, who help connect charities to tech experts for free digital advice and solutions.

Lead by example (and share the benefits)

Take a stand against bad practice, lack of diversity and unethical business. Share ethical success together with a B Corp company. Make people follow your example. Be proud of the good you’re doing, of how much you care, because what if nobody cared? It might be the easy way, it might be the cheaper way, but to be honest we don’t like the sound of being easy and cheap. Taking that route is not only damaging to the good causes that B Corp businesses are championing, but it could leave you lagging behind the times in an environmentally and socially conscious market. We believe in the B Corp Theory of Change, if we didn’t, we’d be part of the problem, not the solution.

Brighten the future

It’s not complicated. Doing sustainable things is exactly that: sustainable. It’s unselfish and it paves the way for more change for the better. We champion our female led team in a male dominated tech world. At the moment just 17% of the UK tech workforce is female and we want to lead the charge to change. We support gender equality via Next Tech Girls, and provide mentorship for women in tech (e.g. SheSays). The business world has power. We believe in harnessing that power for good, that’s why we work so hard to achieve B Corp status to prove it. Working with us is a step towards embracing change, levelling the playing field for everyone and building a better future.

Are we talking your language?

If you need support with modernisation and digital transformation in your company, and you like the sound of making the business world a better place; get in touch with us today and see how we can help.