Who we really are


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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

That’s how we roll at Telescopic, celebrating what makes us … well, us. Like being obsessed with Sherlock Holmes or determined to make everyone in the team a tango dancer.

It also means injecting our personal values into our work.

It helps us attract people who ‘get’ us. We might come from different worlds but we share similar values, so working together feels good. And it makes us more effective at achieving great things.

Here’s what matters to us the most. Can you relate?


Supporting each other

We’re a close-knit team who look out for each other. Making sure everyone feels supported, included and happy at work is paramount. It’s pretty hard work, but totally worth it!

“The team looks after you,” says Tom, our programme manager. “It’s the friendliest group of people I’ve ever worked with. And I never feel guilty about needing a bit of time here and there for myself.”

We also take the time to bond with regular meetups. Plus, it’s important to us that our team members feel included and supported in their goals for the future. “Everyone is involved and encouraged to try new things and have an opinion,” says Cristina, our software developer.

This attitude translates into the way we work with clients. We listen to their challenges: blockers on their happiness and their clients’ happiness.


Savouring a challenge

If it’s too easy, it’s boring. That’s how we feel most of the time, anyway! Take it from Juan, our senior developer: “I’m happiest when faced with the kind of problems nobody else wants to deal with, or when I’m working on a project where I have to constantly learn new stuff.”

Dinos, our DevOps engineer and backend developer agrees: “I love problem solving and tricky projects that require a lot of in-depth research. It’s like finding the pieces of a very complex puzzle.”

Our love of big challenges leads to better relationships as Jack, our strategy director puts it: “I enjoy working with people who have a range of big challenges, which they put off addressing because it’s so daunting. That gives us something we can really get our teeth into. We develop some of our strongest relationships with clients like that.”

"Then we make sure our work has a genuine impact in making their lives better."

Keeping things interesting

Being a digital transformation consultancy, we engage with lots of different businesses, technologies and problems. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Having variety helps us develop our skills and ensures no day in the office is the same. Basically, it makes us happy!

“It’s brilliant being involved in so many different projects, working with different teams and having so much variety in my work,” says Tom. “I’m never bored. There’s always something new to learn and engage with.”

Jack agrees: “I love getting under the hood of such a wide range of organisations. It’s fascinating to learn about different operating models and processes and getting to know a lot of great people.”

Rita also loves finding the patterns: “It’s so interesting to spot the same underlying causes again and again. Sometimes we come up with similar solutions for two very different organisations. When you break down big challenges into smaller chunks, it often turns out to be the same puzzle pieces that are missing. That’s what fascinates me, spotting patterns and undoing the knots.”

Having an impact

Helping people lights us up. We want to see clients with great purpose succeed, especially when it means they can strengthen their impact. So, we’re always going the extra mile to make sure they can achieve their goals.

“It’s great helping clients who have struggled with digitisation in the past. We get to show them how modernising can be the best thing that’s ever happened to them. It’s really fulfilling,” says Rita.

Driving positive change in the world also matters to us. As well as promoting diversity and equality in tech, we take action to protect the environment, communities and vulnerable people.

It’s why we’ve become a fully certified B Corp in 2022. It keeps us accountable, making sure we’re responsible for our impact as a business. It also connects us to like-minded people who also care about making the world a better place for everyone.

Staying curious

Whether it’s learning about a new bit of tech, the lyrics to the Tarzan soundtrack (looking at you, Tom), or what makes our clients tick, we’re always keen to discover something new.

With our clients in particular, we spend a lot of time understanding what their business is all about. “I love the research stage,” says Rita. “The workshops in particular are such an amazing way to get under the hood of our client’s organisations and really learn about their teams and their own clients.”

Many of our team members are also on their own voyages of discovery, as Dinos puts it: “I’ve been experimenting with technology for more than 10 years which I believe has really helped me to progress. And in the future, I’d like to build something of my own. Idea still pending though!”

Are you a bit of us?

We love working with clients who are driven by their values, whatever they may be! If you like what you’ve read here, why not get to know us a bit more? Our website has had a Glow Up recently, and there’s lots of insight into what it could be like working with us (either as a client or a partner). Check it out.

Or perhaps you’re a talented technology expert who relishes a challenge and enjoys making an impact through fantastic work. Just like Jennifer, who joined us in January as our new web developer!

If you want to become part of a friendly, value-led team that’s fully remote, see our vacancies. If there’s nothing suitable at the moment, feel free to get in touch. It would be great to connect.