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An award winning nonprofit website

The Valuable 500 is a global collective of 500 CEOs and their companies, innovating together for disability inclusion. Its aim is to recognise the unique value of the 1.3 billion people living with a disability, connect with them and build a more inclusive society.

We teamed up with brand consultancy Saffron to plan, develop, test and implement a range of accessible products that would form the core of the award winning nonprofit website and The Valuable 500 digital portfolio.

An inclusion revolution

We wanted to create an environment for The Valuable 500 that helps them to end disability exclusion by uniting people to spark action and accelerate change. Our task was to help them connect the leaders of the world’s most influential companies, D&I teams and people with disabilities, creating an inspiring digital ecosystem capable of fostering inclusiveness.

This ecosystem would comprise:

A web-app for Valuable 500 members, where they could find all the tools needed to fast-track their disability inclusion journeys. This platform would also help members build connections, share knowledge and ultimately accelerate change through access to resources, events and D&I specialists.

A public website would showcase the latest global trends, news and innovations regarding disability and inclusion. It would provide a platform for inclusive conversations to raise awareness by giving access to information for everyone and act as one of the main touchpoints for The Valuable 500 to express and bring to life their brand, purpose and mission. The platform should also include a section for the disabled community to get their voices heard.

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Screenshot from the The Valuable 500 website showing an article about the 10 most accessible cities
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Making change happen


Working as a multi disciplinary team with Saffron brand consultants, we assessed the full spectrum of requirements and established a blueprint for delivery. This included iterative wireframes, user stories and technical specifications. We defined the initial elements of the platforms, how users would interact with them and mapped public-facing and back-office functionality. We selected a tech stack which would provide a robust foundation, whilst offering flexibility and scalability as the sites and their audiences grew.


Execution included configuration of a highly flexible, modular CMS to manage complex content requirements on both the public website and the private members app, and which provides capacity for scaling. The system integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage members details efficiently and provide one source of truth for The Valuable 500 members data.

We worked hard to make The Valuable 500 digital platforms accessible to every user and on every device. Working with our partners from Crownpeak (previously Ilumino), these products have been tested and optimised to make sure that usability extends to every audience, resulting in our most accessible build to date. The CMS gives The Valuable 500 the tools to create and edit highly customised content, whilst remaining fully accessible.


Since going live, we have continued to provide vital support to The Valuable 500 team. From being on hand to address technical challenges to enhancing core functionality based on user feedback, our Maintain service gives The Valuable 500 the peace of mind to scale & succeed with their digital presence.

Screenshots of pages from the award winning nonprofit website

Industry recognition

We were delighted to receive a BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) Gold award – alongside our partner Saffron Brand Consultants – for our work on the Valuable 500 digital estate.

Across The Valuable 500 members, 81% of companies reported that they were better placed towards making progress in disability inclusion than a year ago, having engaged with the available online resources and the business network.

Some of the world’s most influential brands have joined The Valuable 500 collective, including Apple, Google and Microsoft.


BIMA award winning nonprofti website badge
"This year the Inclusive Design Council wanted to recognise a project that has understood, implemented and exceeded at providing a digital experience that is truly inclusive. This work pushed inclusive design into a space that feels fresh, breaking away from stereotypes and have created something really exciting to look at and interact with. From the considerations of the website, through to the delivery of key messaging and imagery they felt certain that this project was a great precedent to set for the inclusive design award."

Mary Keane-Dawson, BIMA Awards 2022