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Assess, Plan, Execute, Maintain

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Quibim, a cutting-edge med-tech firm, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decode intricate medical imagery. They’re the Sherlock Holmes of the medical world, interpreting the mysteries of X-rays, MRI scans and beyond. They transform these insights into precision diagnoses. Delivering essential knowledge that paves the way for life-saving medical decisions.

Quibim’s website just had a complete Telescopic overhaul, capturing the essence of this forward-thinking, people-centric med-tech company. With a perfectly shaped custom configured content management system (CMS), we handed Quibim the reins of their content. And wait till you hear about the cunning plan we hatched to shift their blog content without a hitch.

Dive, design, deliver


We spent time understanding Quibim, their audience, goals, and website challenges. Their old site didn’t reflect Quibim’s advancements in AI-driven medical imaging. Our key objective? To design a fresh, flexible website that communicates their expertise and influence in the industry. It also needed to emphasise their human-first approach. Driving trust and connection, while making them appealing to investors.

As a rapidly evolving company like Quibim, they also needed a site that could be easily updated by their internal team of creatives and marketers. They had a wealth of blog content too. The content required secure migration to the new site, while retaining search engine optimisation (SEO) value.



Quibim set us a one-month deadline for the website project. One month? Sounds like a walk in the park… if the park was filled with tightropes and fire-breathing dragons. But hey, we love a good challenge.

To launch the website swiftly, we chose the essential pages to build first in phase one of the project. Our plan was to incorporate dynamic visuals and improve the user experience (UX) for a living, high-tech feel. We also decided on WordPress, an open-source content management system (CMS), to build a flexible website.

For the content migration, we planned to automate most of the process, reserving the manual effort for the spotlight pages. The content migration strategy also included automatically assigning 301 redirects for search engines to make sure Quibim’s SEO value stayed rock solid.



Our digital design infused life into Quibim’s homepage. We introduced several dynamic elements to the site: videos featuring people, code-driven animations and subtle scroll-activated elements. This blend of media, set against a shifting dark blue gradient, brought the science of their work to the forefront while keeping the human imagery intact. Enhancing the overall site appeal and preventing it from feeling too static.

The design and build were approached in a modular way using WordPress real time preview editor – each content element was crafted as an individual, bespoke module. These modules can be arranged in any order to form a page, giving Quibim the freedom to easily update or create pages. This way, Quibim was freed from “developer dependency disorder”.

As we shifted to a new content management system (CMS), we automated the transition for most blog posts and news updates. Key pages received manual attention. Each chunk of content was carefully moved from its old home to a new module on the revamped site. We also set down 301 redirects. They guided search engines from old web pages to new ones. This made sure none of that hard-earned SEO juice got lost during the site move.



Think of us as the mechanic to Quibim’s high-performance sports car. We’re always on hand, fine-tuning their website engine after launch. And making sure it doesn’t stall on the digital highway.

But that’s not where the collaboration ends. When Quibim has a spark of a new idea or a request for changes to the site, we don’t just hop to it. We hit the pause button, huddle up and brainstorm. Our goal is to find the smartest way forward, not just the quickest. Once we’re loaded up with fresh ideas, potential tweaks, and a buffet of solutions, we take it back to Quibim.

This is a dialogue, not a monologue. We’re working with a mix of creative folks and project managers, so clear, accessible communication is key. We lay out the different paths, required resources, and our recommended route. This way, we all stay on the same page, handcrafting the most polished digital reflection of Quibim together.


Performance leap

Quibim’s new website echoes the progressive company they’ve grown into. It’s a head-turner for their current investors and siren call for future ones. But wait, there’s more … cue infomercial music.

Before Quibim’s website’s revamp, it was scoring just 18% for mobile performance and 56% for desktop. Accessibility? An average 57%. Post-makeover, the change was clear.

Mobile performance saw a significant increase of 47%, and desktop performance rose by 29%. Accessibility also experienced a 17% improvement. The new Quibim site doesn’t just look good, it’s now a lightning-fast, user-friendly platform.

Remember, users form an opinion about a site in a mere 0.05 seconds. And almost half will bail if a page takes more than two seconds to load. So, these improvements aren’t just stats. They mirror a satisfying user experience that matches Quibim’s high-tech ethos.

Quibim’s new website is also more sustainable, producing only 0.15g of CO2 each time someone visits the home page. That’s way less than the 1.76g most pages churn out. So, while maintaining Quibim’s tech-savvy and scientific vibe, we’ve crafted a site that’s not just user-friendly but planet-friendly too.


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