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For a nonprofit to thrive, it’s crucial to show the real-world difference they make in the community. So, we transformed the Wimbledon Guild’s CRM systems – which now helps them track how well their different community activities are doing. Now, they can easily share clear results, demonstrating their impact to supporters and donors.

For two centuries, Wimbledon Guild has been there for the local people.

They provide supportive services and engaging activities, while also offering a special fund for those struggling financially, supported by donors.





We set out to understand Wimbledon Guild’s specific challenges and goals through workshops with their dedicated team. We explored how they track their activities and how they measure their success.

We found that every service offered by Wimbledon Guild had its own way of recording information. For example, the team responsible for talking therapies keeps records differently than the team organising table tennis sessions. This resulted in several challenges:

  • Inconsistency in data made it hard to present a coherent, impactful story to potential donors.
  • Comparing data was tricky, affecting decision-making on where to focus efforts or seek funding.
  • Organisational inefficiencies might make outsiders think the organisation isn’t well-run, which could hurt trust.

Wimbledon Guild needed a unified case management system β€” a digital tool designed to manage and track individual activities β€” not just another spreadsheet. This would make it easier to understand their data, compare different services, and find areas to improve.

Crucially, with clear data and insights available, Wimbledon Guild can better showcase the results of their work, enhancing their fundraising potential


We recommended a streamlined CRM and case management system that maps out the experiences of everyone who interacts with Wimbledon Guild. This wasn’t just about tidying up – even if we do love a good spring clean!

It was about helping them clearly showcase the good they’re doing.

Transforming the way they work and introducing the new CRM system raised some concerns, especially from the therapy team. They wanted to showcase the value of their work but were wary about sharing sensitive details. We suggested putting general information into the new system and storing more private details securely elsewhere. This way, they could highlight their achievements without compromising confidentiality.

We also suggested introducing an online booking system for events. Previously, attendees booked events for a whole semester, but attendance was inconsistent. This meant instructors struggled to predict turnout and spot availability. An online booking system would simplify things. But, understanding some might struggle to use it, we recommended keeping offline booking as an option too.


Nonprofit CRM transformation in action: for Wimbledon Guild’s management system, we designed it to be straightforward. Easy to input and easy to retrieve information about different activities.

Given that Wimbledon Guild has been around for such a long time – over 200 years! – they had stacks of old info. We sifted through it all, cherry-picking the key bits to pop into the new system. The rest? We stored it safely for any future needs.

To address the therapy team’s concerns about data security, we created a two-tiered storage solution: essential, non-sensitive records went into our system, while the more confidential notes were tucked away securely elsewhere.

For events, we introduced a user-friendly online booking system. This lets people book sessions from anywhere, anytime. For those who preferred the traditional method, in-person bookings were still an option. The system also lets volunteers adjust their details and note down shifts. For those feeling generous, it’s there for donations too.

Setting the stage for more donations

Wimbledon Guild has waved goodbye to the days of navigating through chaotic and inconsistent data. Now, with their CRM transformation, they’re equipped with clear, streamlined insights. This will help them improve their services and highlight their impact to attract more donations.

Meanwhile, by automating previously manual tasks, we’ve lifted a significant admin burden off the team. This allows them to redirect their energies from mundane data entry to more impactful, mission-driven work

A screenshot showing which services the nonprofit Wimbledon Guild manage in their new CRM transformation
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