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We recently revamped TARKA’s booking system, allowing parents to schedule classes with ease and saving the team time on phone bookings. We enhanced TARKA’s brand and designed and build a new website for smooth integration with the new booking system.

TARKA is a premium exercise company for children, setting the bar high in fun and fitness. Their goal is to boost kids’ overall development. They teach military values in their classes, embedding essential life skills. No uniforms needed – unless, of course, it’s army party time. Then it’s ‘Ten-hut!’

"Telescopic provided a smooth and transparent process during our project, guiding us with clarity and offering excellent options that suited our needs."

Leo Bell, Managing Director, TARKA London

Booking system integration made easy


We spent time understanding TARKA’s challenges, their needs for the new booking system and potential workflow improvements. Their existing site made booking classes overly complicated. Parents regularly phoned in for bookings because the system was too difficult to navigate. Staff members were spending too much time managing bookings manually.

TARKA’s brand needed a spruce-up too. The guidelines were, let’s say, ‘free-spirited’. We aimed for solid, consistent branding that not only meshed with the new booking system but also turned heads in TARKA’s crowd.

The workshop also served as a platform to talk about our collaborative process. We discussed weekly meetings with Leo, the Managing Director for regular feedback and project tracking. We also promised TARKA to be there to sort out any misunderstandings, making sure we understood each other clearly.


Our goal was to give parents a single account to book multiple classes for multiple kids. TARKA wanted a self-service booking system that worked hard for parents and integrated seamlessly with their website’s look and function.

Our top recommendation was an off-the-shelf-ish solution that offered a seamless integration via an API – a tool that lets different software systems talk to each other. It would deliver an effortless user experience for both TARKA’s team and their customers.

When we presented a couple of options, TARKA opted for the sensible budget option. The right move for them. Pembee stood out as an affordable booking system offering an integrated iFrame (a tool to display content from another site within your webpage). That meant no need for complex integration work – it just ‘works’!

Pembee fulfilled all our criteria and seamlessly matched TARKA’s website design. The only hint parents have that they’ve landed on Pembee’s platform when booking classes is the change in the web address (URL).


We gave TARKA a brand glow-up. Colour palette sorted, typography tightened, logo spruced up. And with fresh brand guidelines, the website design followed a simple and premium structure.

Tech-wise, we kept it simple with the Pembee integration. Imagine this: a gateway on TARKA’s site, guiding parents to a one-stop place to find and book classes. The design? It was so smooth, you couldn’t tell it was a portal to another site.

We also designed a custom campaign banner. TARKA could set the destination for when parents clicked on it, speeding up bookings for specific sessions, such as holiday classes.

We didn’t want TARKA to feel lost with their new content management system (CMS). So, we made an easy-to-understand CMS guide, showed them around the system, and supported them during the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase – a step where they could try out the system to make sure it met their needs and worked properly.


Revealing TARKA’s updated site and the Pembee booking system integration was just the start. Instead of wrapping up, TARKA is continuing to refine their site, which we happily do in collaboration with their marketing agency.

We’re doing the heavy lifting as their personal tech consultants, translating all the jargon into actionable insights. For example, we introduced TARKA to A/B testing. We didn’t just mention it, we explained it thoroughly – like a wine tasting but for web pages. After outlining its benefits and how it can improve landing page results, we gave hands-on demos of the best tools for it, a practical lesson without any dull PowerPoint slides.

"We really appreciated the structure of steps following each meeting, and their proactive stance in sharing opinions. We wouldn’t hesitate to suggest them to others."

Leo Bell, Managing Director, TARKA London

Booking breakthroughs

TARKA is already celebrating victories post-launch. With parents taking full advantage of the self-booking system, the phone lines are blissfully manageable.

The website is smoother and more welcoming too. We put the site through the digital equivalent of TARKA’s boot-camp workouts for kids and found that mobile performance sprinted ahead with a relative increase of 93.18%. Critical for the busy parents who book classes on-the-go. Meanwhile, the desktop experience increased by 18.53%, and accessibility leaped up by 48.08%.

"Telescopic’s service was exceptional, providing much-needed support during a demanding project. Telescopic gets a full 10 from us."

Leo Bell, Managing Director, TARKA London

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